Tim Hilton at SquatFest 2001

[written by Heath O’Brien]

got to tha broadway squats just on dark..stumbled out
of carolines white/sunroofed/roofracked beamer(BMW)- not very pc
for a squatfest i realise however we were pumping japanese 80’s pop.
so, immediately i lose my new goggles…thats ok cos
the lovely michaelscaviellero of imperial slacks spots me & we
meet/greet etc. we knab a skanky futon practically under the
‘bigscreen’ in front of the ballistic speakers & kick back as the first vids
begin…..i ask him if he’s seen u…..who?…he tells me he has
a couple of flicks showing….so does hilton i reply.
about 3 shortfilums later, a lone flyingfox swoops
overhead, and a subtle instantly recognisable beat ..or is it a
clap or pulse…nailsmy attention to the silverscreen.
everyone is silent, basking in the hypnotic rhythym
and pusating gorgeous ‘music{}response’sorial psalm.
now eveyone is intensely aware of the experiance,
there is an electric sense of expectation and a palpable curiousity in the
air mingled with an uncanny familiarity as if we are immersed in a
primeval collective memory.
tension uncannily mounts.
i check the audience – rivetted!
people love it but dont know why!
they want more yet cant take much longer…there is a
whimper from some pleb chik, a question? a moan?
the film peaks—the crowd, silent almost reverent
till now applaud as one.
relieved admiration and a sense of true wonder as we
marvel @ the elegance of your little flic.
the final 20 seconds were genuinely gruelling however
addictve / intoxicating…
imperial slacks calls it “mesmerising”
well received by all .. great interest evident..big
kudos claps

the sound was sensational…..so loud were i was
almost distorted so beautifully juxtaposed on the pinkneon visual yet
remarkably concordant.

an eager voice calls for identity, who was that auteur ?!

“yay…yay timhilton !” i give ’em the goods… she
recognises you so i give her my email 2 contact u…..some

all in all a true highlight … exploit the medium harness!
do us a favour.

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