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feedback manual

Clubs Project Space in Melbourne runs “Feedback Sessions.”

From their Feedback page:

CLUBSfeedback focus upon on the means by which the work in question exists in the space of its presentation/actualisation. It is an attempt to develop an engaged reading or analysis of work through focused and extended collaborative dialogue. CLUBSfeedback begins by unravelling, through observation, the material and spatial structure of the work. These observations then open into critical discussions. The artist is not required to justify or explain the work in this process, but is engaged towards the end of the discussion when questions are formulated. These sessions are intended to be supportive, whereby the artists’ project is opened up to detailed analysis. We borrowed and developed this practice from an academic model that we shared together as students and we decided to continue it in order to build empowering and engaged peer relations.

Recently, in Sydney, a bunch of us (including Lisa Kelly, Sarah Goffman, Anne Kay, Kylie Wilkinson, and I) have adopted this model, and Feedback Sessions have been carried out for Michelle Ussher (as part of MCA’s Primavera 2005) and for Josie Cavallaro (for her recent show at Scott Donovan Gallery).

At the moment we’re running off Clubs’ Feedback Manual (which is on their site, and a pdf is saved here also). I reckon before long we’ll reformulate that manual for our own ends, in keeping with the Clubs open source policy!

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ps: as of 2007, we now have a Sydney Feedback Sessions on the go! See http://feedbacksessions.com/