senses of cinema – expanded cinema links

More for my own reference than anything else, here are a few articles which refer to expanded cinema, as published in the online journal "Senses of Cinema":

A lecture by Valie Export called "Expanded Cinema as Expanded Reality"

An overview of the "Shoot Shoot Shoot" programme, written by George Clark

An interview with Aussie experimental filmmaker Albie Thoms by Danni Zuvela

An essay entitled "The Last Picture Show: Film and Video Installation in the Late '60s and Early '70s" by Genevieve Yue

A history of avant-garde and experimental film in France by by Nicole Brenez and Christian Lebrat

also some pictures of Stan Vanderbeek's "Movie Drome," a "spherical theater where people would lie down and experience movies all around them." – built in the late 1950s/early 1960s…

and an essay on Stan Vanderbeek which (among other things) discusses his activities in relation to new media work today…

…and an expanded cinema festival held in Dortmund in Sept 2004, curated by Mark Webber:

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